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5.2 Mindbender vs PW:Solace

      5.2 Mindbender vs PW:Solace

Ding Ding Ding!
The fight is back on between these two bad boy talents with Blizzard's new ideas as per priest regen patch 5.2, so let's have a look at the nitty-gritty maths (you can skip to the bottom if you just want to know who wins. That's cool.)

(This time we'll also consider the Hymn of Hope buff and how it affects both the new spells, which is a treatment we have not considered before. We will only consider your own HoH as you may not have control over the other priests in your raid.)

Mindbender Maths

Mindbender hasn't really changed, so I'll just give you the basic version:

The mindbender
  • replaces Shadowfiend,
  • restores less mana per hit back
  • only a 1 minute cooldown.
  • active for 15 seconds
  • attacks 11 attacks, with each attack restoring 1.46% mana.
Hymn of Hope has a 6 minute cooldown and a buff lasting 8 seconds – the buff increases your maximum mana by 15%, giving you 345000 max mana.

This means withing a 6 minute time period you will cast MB:
5 times without HoH buff, giving (5 * 11 * 1.46% of 300k) 240,900 mana back
Once with HoH buff for 8 seconds, giving (5 * 1.46% of 345k + 6* 1.46% of 300k) 51,465 mana back

So in a 6 minute period of the fight, you gain 292, 465 mana

Giving the MB talent a mp5 of 4,060.625


The new solace:
  • will replace Holy Fire,
  • is instant cast,
  • has a 10 sec cd,
  • and restores 1% mana.

Solace will thus give an mp10 of 1% of 300k = 3k
and an mp5 of 1,500

This can be cast in conjunction with Shadowfiend, which:
  • has a 3 minute cd
  • restores 3% mana per attack
  • attacks 10 times

Mana back from shadowfiend:
Without HoH – 30% of 300k = 90 k mana
With HoH – 5 * 3% of 300k + 5 * 3% of 345k = 96,750 mana.
Over 6 minutes, Shadowfiend will restore: 186750 mana
Which gives it a mp5 of 2593.75

In total, with the PW:Solace talent, you gain an mp5 of 4,093.75


You can come out now,all ye who hate theorycrafting ! Conclusion time.

MB talent - mp5 of 4,060.625
Solace talent - mp5 of 4,093.75

Thus you are going to get a very slight mp5 increase by taking Solace over MB. Whilst it uses 6 times the number of global cooldowns per minute compared to mindbender, Solace also provides an atonement heal.  Can't wait to find out which will be better !

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